I Be Bloggin’!

Bonjour blog readers! Welcome to my blog and my very first posting! The advice that wordpress gives a first time blogger such as myself, is to explain why you’ve decided to give blogging a go but I would much prefer to explain my name choice.

First of all, I’m a Communications professor at a college. So there’s that mystery solved. Secondly, I enjoy travelling and do quite a bit of it. This year I went to Belize, Texas and I’m on my way to Calgary in a couple of weeks. I’ve even opted to get married on a beach in Jamaica this upcoming January. It’s not that I don’t like Canada, I love it! However, I also feel that nothing beats the experiences that come from travelling and I’m not a fan of the snow, so winter vacations are an absolute must. Travelling is also hilarious. I cannot count how many ridiculous things I’ve seen and done on vacation, which is something I will definitely be sharing with whoever is willing to read it.

I know a blog is not a blog without pictures, so here are a couple of travel pics to give you an idea of what I’ve gotten into away from home.

Snorkeling in the Barrier Reef, Belize

Now the sisterhood portion comes from the fact that I have a very large group of close-knit friends. I can proudly say I have multiple best friends, including my mom, sister and my fiancé. I’m not sure how pleased he will be at being included in the ‘sisterhood’ aspect of things, but he does enjoy dressing as a woman….

My manly man

……..so I doubt he will mind too much.

My friends and family are my world and it would not be appropriate to blog about my life without including them in a big way. My experiences with them far outweigh the fun I’ve had travelling but luckily as we get older; it seems that the two merge themselves more often than not. Again, I’m going to insert some pics of these lovely ladies so that you get an idea of what we’re dealing with here.

Bridesmaid Buddies

Sisterly Love

My sister will actually be guest blogging from time to time as well, especially during the fall and winter months when my life consists mostly of teaching, marking and the occasional exhilarating trip to the grocery store. She’s a young and vibrant, single lady, so she can keep it exciting when I can’t. I also find it hard to believe I will have the time to blog on a very regular basis once work starts up again. Again, I’m new to the blog scene….but did anyone else feel this way when they started up their site?

I will leave you with another question, particularly for you bloggers out there; what are some tips and tricks to make the blogging experience the best that it can be for both the blogger and their audience?


11 thoughts on “I Be Bloggin’!

  1. A tip : mentioning an exotic female named Ern would do the trick 😉

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your first blog! It was entertaining and written from your heart. Looks good on ya sista!

  3. Yeahhh, you be bloggin’! I’m proud of you.
    I found it really awkward to write my first post, but once that’s done it’s a lot easier and just feels more natural. I feel the same way after I take any sort of break from blogging also. Which obviously has to happen…life just gets too busy. I wrote a post nearly every day for an entire winter, and I have no idea how I did that…
    Shmanyway, welcome to the blog world, blog buddy!

  4. Yahoo!
    I love that you have a McGuckin back-up because it’s definitely hard to do regular posts.
    As for tips, people really appreciate honesty and authenticity. Pretty easy, just be you 🙂

  5. I was soo excited to see this link on my facebook !!! LOVE it

  6. Looking forward to reading future entries! Your glowing personality shines through in your writing :). Love T.T Winker

  7. Hi Dawn,
    Congrats on your blog!!!!!! As the former mayor, I’m so pleased to see you expressing yourself and representing the P-dotter. I really enjoyed your post. Hope to see you around town with Vick Sihdu!
    Love, Marilyn P (former mayor of ye man, 1812)

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