Our New Bundle of Joy!!!

Along with all of the loves of my life I described in my first post, I really have to mention, I LOVE DOGS! My family and I have always had dogs but we lived in the country on 104 acres (precisely) and they have been able to roam free and do their thing. When Mark and I purchased our home in Oshawa, in only took me about two months to convince Mark to let me get a dog…and what a dog he is.This is Bolt, or Mr. Bolter, or Boltergiest. As my friend Lindsey knows, Bolt even gets his own voice. By the time she was done staying with us for a few weeks, she was using it too. It’s a little bit lighter and definitely sillier. It’s to the point where Mark and I pretty much talk to each other in that voice half of the time anyway.

Bolt is a rescue dog. He was 1 1/2 years when we adopted him from Melita at Give a Dog a Second Chance. Melita has gotten some bad press over a couple of incidents in her distant past but I think she is fantastic. You can check out her website at: http://give4pawsasecondchance.com/

My sister also adopted her big bundle of joy, Rocky, from Melita as well. They are best frenemies. Bolt is dog aggressive and pretty crabby with any canine who want to play with him. He’s like an old miserly man trapped in a puppy looking body. However, Rocky is the most playful, goofy dog, you will ever meet. So he tries his hardest to goad Bolt on at any opportunity 🙂

Rockstar and Bolty – Best Frenemies for Life

So yes, Bolt is dog aggressive and when we got him he was kind of everything aggressive. He had no training except for being house trained and being able to sleep in a crate. We knew we had some work on our hands, so we contacted the best in the business. Roger Richards. His website: http://www.dogsrrrus.ca/index2.htm To give you an example of Roger in action, I’ve commandeered this picture from his website.

Just another day at the office!

So yeah, Bolt is not 80 pounds of German Shepherd fury like the buddy above, but he is 21 pounds of unpredictability and we needed to get it under control. We worked with Roger for about 10 weeks one-on-one and in the end we have a dog with the best ‘dog manner’s’ around. However, as one trainer has told me, with an American Eskimo, he will be in training for the rest of his life. Lately he has started to become randomly aggressive with certain people and his triggers are unknown. So we’ve started round two of training but he we’ve decided to go with Pet Smart this time around so that he can interact with other dogs while learning some new tips and tricks.

Overall, Bolt is an awesome dog and we absolutely love him. He’s loving, friendly and he’s starting to really become the dog we always thought he could be.

I just love playing dress up…….

And a couple of his fave things…

Hiding Under the Bed

Splashing in the River…Pond….Pool…etc.

And just being cute…..

I know this post is all about dogs but I should mention that we have a bit of a soft spot for cats as well. Last December we rescued some kittens that had been abandoned by their mother in our backyard.

You can just say awwww. I know you’re thinking it. We were going to keep the one with the black mask but after much consideration we decided to give them both to Mark’s best friend and his fiancé, Tyler and Sarah. They have done an amazing job with the girls and they are 100% made to be with each other. They sleep together, eat together, play together. They are basically just one big, calico ball half of the time.

Ok. So now onto the whole point of this post and probably the main topic of my blog for the next 5 weeks at least….we adopted a new dog!!

Rouge Fox anyone?

So basically she’s as cute as Bolt is beautiful (or maybe more 🙂 Just don’t tell Bolt. We are fostering to adopt, which basically means we are ‘trying her on for size’ to make sure she fits with our little family. Three days in and things are looking pretty good. Bolt is hiding outside….and instead of barking, she screams (Sheba Scream)….but I think we can definitely make this work.

Just a couple of images so truly illustrate the cuteness….

Just hunting my own kind….her favourite toy…Bolt’s stuffed, red fox.

So she’s super cute. Check. She’s playful. Check. And she’s pregnant. Check. Yup, this little gal, all 12 pounds of her, is knocked up. We knew going into this that there was a chance she was Snookied up and it turns out, she is. She hasn’t had an ultrasound or anything but her tiny little belly is rounded and she has developed some prominent nips..so it appears it is so. However, she’s been under a lot of stress, as she’s been shipped from her home (which was a dog run where she slept in her own feces and urine and was fed a steady diet of only rice) to her foster home in Guelph, where she also lived outside, to our house. So we’re crossing our fingers that she progresses along nicely and that her puppy/puppies are healthy.

Stay tuned for updates and lots of pictures!

Since this is a blog and that means I can ask for some opinions, so I’d love to know; how do you feel about breeder dogs? Have you ever adopted from a rescue? Which do you prefer and why?


13 thoughts on “Our New Bundle of Joy!!!

  1. Beardo was strictly from a breeder of beards, but I am definitely looking into adopting/fostering a mutt of my own. What a great addition to your famjam! ❤

  2. Aww, what a little muffin! The rouge fox is ridiculously cute, and Snookied up made me laugh. I hope she fits in and gets to stay!
    I still randomly talk in the Bolt voice. I like to use it at work.

  3. I want one of her puppies!! woof woof

  4. What did you call your new dog…….Red Noodle?

  5. You have such a good heart for taking in a pregnant mama. She’s also crazy cute. I want to meet her!
    We had a dog from a breeder, a black lab, and it’s hard to tell if this was good or bad. She was really well disciplined but that comes from Adolf being a good disciplinarian.
    As you can tell by my one-eyed, FIV, herpes cat….I like to adopt mutts. But to be honest, I don’t know about dogs, because they can be a bit trickier. food for thought, yo.

  6. Awww the picture of Bolt under the bed with the chattering teeth made me laugh. It looks like he might be a little hoarder. Our friend’s mom is somewhat of a dog whisperer out here and she can do some crazy stuff with dogs. She says she knows their language and can sense what they are feeling. She is a very petite woman but has trained unruly Great Danes, German Shepherds etc. Whatever she is doing must be working. I guess if you can get a good trainer like you, then adopting a rescue dog is a great plan, but it is certainly a gamble. Would you adopt a rescue Pit Bull?

  7. Cute dogs and cats!

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