The Tutor Dynasty

You will hear me say this many times in this blog; I love my job. Not only do have the time to do things like blog but it also gives me enough time and freedom to tutor children of various ages.

My most recent tutoring flyer…

This one didn’t generate a lot of business.

Generally it’s in reading and writing but sometimes math enters the picture (which generally requires me tutoring myself before their appointment). Literacy is really my strong suit and I’m pretty confident in my ability to be able to achieve results for any age group in this subject. I obviously like to write, so I’m able to pass this passion for the pen along and I inherited a great program from my mom, who is a speech and language pathologist, that has done amazing things for some older students who struggle with reading. This isn’t the program, but this site gives you a pretty good idea:

I really enjoy tutoring because teaching at the post-secondary level, I miss the interaction that I used to have with younger children. For the most part, they display greater enjoyment in their learning and their attention span is about the same as the 18/19 year olds I deal with. I’m joking. Kind of. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my job and the students that come along with it but every age group has their advantages and the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from younger children is really the main thing that I miss. No one wants to give me (appropriate) hugs at the end of the day and no one draws me pictures of me under a rainbow that say, ‘Your the best teacher ever’ (spelling mistake intentional).

Classic Example.

However, there are several other advantages offered by post-secondary students but those will become very evident as I continue to blog.

Onto something far less academic. After tutoring, I met up with Mark at Crabby Joe’s in Port Perry because his friend Kory was home from Edmonton. He is one of a large group of Mark’s friends who abandoned him and went West, right around the time that Mark came back home from being out West with me. Beautiful timing. Mark was sad.

Putting on a brave face.

So we ensure we do not miss an opportunity to get together with these boys.

Kory is one of Mark’s good friends and has somehow earned the nickname ‘Queen Latifah’ from one of my besties, Leanne. One night, when she was in a mood, she announced to the room that Kory looked like the actress before exiting to bed.

Kory Queen L.

I totally see the resemblance.

Anyway, dinner was alright, as it generally is at CJs and the company was great. Along for the ride were Sarah and Tyler, the adopted parents of the two beautiful kittens that we found in our backyard. After dinner, Markus stayed for a couple of drinks and I sauntered out and I was on my way to visit my friend Lisa’s new house.

Spot the brunette.

Lisa and her daughter Ella, recently moved into a townhouse together and I’m extremely proud of her. She is the only woman I know how owns a house on her own, which I think is incredibly brave because I think it’s scary owning a house and I have another person there to back me up. Her main comment in reply to this was in regard to her annoyance at having to cut the grass by herself. Which was very typical Lisa 🙂 Her house is super cute; it’s an end unit, three bedroom townhouse and it has a great backyard for Ella. While we hung out last night on her patio, Ella literally did one-handed cartwheels for an hour. Amazing. I truly understand now when adults used to tell me, ‘I wish I could bottle your energy.’ Amen to that.

I’m going to leave you with one more picture of Lisa, mainly because it makes me laugh and has a little story behind it. When we went to Cartwright High School, one of the places that they liked to take us for field trips before heading to the main event; like a musical in Toronto, the museum, etc. was to the mall. You would think that would be every teenage girl’s dream but in fact we preferred to take the benches in the mall, line them up side by side and sit in a big row, clapping at people as they walked by. Sometimes a couple of us would get up and form a hand bridge, making people walk under it before letting them into their store of choice. To prove this really did happen, here’s a picture that I’m pretty sure we forced some mall shopper to take for us.

Check out that mid-clap action!

Whelp, that’s about it for me today. I’m curious, so that I can have suggestions for my future children’s teachers, are there any inappropriate places your school used to take you for field trips?


3 thoughts on “The Tutor Dynasty

  1. I can see where Queen Latifah comes from now. I totally get it.

  2. What was the name of the mall? Also, where is your wheel chair?

  3. LOL!!! The wheelchair forever!!! I still think Kork Bauer looks like Queen Latifah’s long lost brother lol!

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