A Day in Paradise….

I don’t have a ton to chat about today. It was a pretty low-key affair and that is just the way that a day like today should be….

It actually looked like this all day

The first part of the day consisted of summer cleaning. I would have prefered spring cleaning but unfortunately my job does not allow for that tradition. I looked like this:

Then one of my oldest pal Julie (or Kenny) and I headed to my parent’s backyard oasis with our pups; Bolt, Miyou and her shih tzu/bichon Halle.

This was the magical day that Halle got into something rouge at Christmas. If you know your colours, you know red and white make for a stunning shade of pink.

As I’ve mentioned, my parents have a lot of property and a pool, so if we weren’t going to hit up a cottage, this was best place for the pups to play and for us to get some sun (avec spf 30…don’t worry Dr. Saunders). After the dogs got settled in and formed a pack with my sister’s dog, my bud Emily (or Emilio) also joined in the fun in the sun.

She is a busy lady, so we were fortunate to have her grace us with her lovely presence. While we chatted away, a disaster was brewing. My sister’s dog led Halle into what we have affectionately dubbed, ‘the stink pond.’ It is basically a giant hole filled with mud, stink and a bit of water.  Halle basically looked like she had walked into an oil spill, like one of those sad little ducks that is completely covered in brown, slick liquid. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this for you but it was just hilarious. Not as much for Julie, who had the job of cleaning her up, but it was fun for Emily and I, as well as Bolt, who chased her around like she was the rabbit at the race track.

After all this excitement, we really needed to just chill out in the hot, hot sun. How hot you ask, just ask Bolt:

Hot Dog

We enjoyed this beauty of a view for a couple of more hours before heading home.

Pool Paradise

After a beautiful dinner of homemade Chinese food with Marko, I had some ladies over for some girl talk; including (in picture order) Christa, Leanne and Julie. We didn’t get wild or crazy but if you’ve ever spent a day in the sun, you know this probably wasn’t even possible.

Now I’m sitting in between two sleeping dogs and I’m absolutely ready to join them and get tangled up in the sheets! Have an amazing long weekend and be kind to your liver, it’s with you for life 😉


2 thoughts on “A Day in Paradise….

  1. heheheee ohhh Halle… I am just glad she didn’t rip my pantyhose ! I hate that I am a “busy lady” but I LOVED spending time with you ladies and my fur friends!!!

  2. Dr. Saunders is excited that you were wearing sunscreen!!!

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