The Short Version of a Lovely Longggg Weekend

Good evening beautifuls. How was your long weekend? Mine was busy and lazy all at the same time. I love when that happens!

Saturday I woke up late to another gorgeous day.

Apparently I woke up just in time because I got a text from the busy beaver Emily asking if I wanted to head to the mall. Well it was almost like we had a psychic connection, I was definitely in a mall mood. We were mallrats for a couple of hours and I was excited to use the gift card that I gotten way back at Christmas for Claires. However, I don’t know if any of you have been in there lately, the store went from costume jewelry to Justin Bieber collectables in the blink of an eye. It literally took me half an hour to find $20 worth of merchandise from that store. Not that a J-Beibs sweatband isn’t high on my list of must haves….

The mall was also full of some other beauties, like the new shoes Emily and I bought from H &M.

We’re taking them yachting.

After the mall, I headed home to some puppy love and caught up on some academic writing.

Marko came home and we headed for dinner and watched back to back movies, which is where the lazy part of my weekend comes in. To Paris From Love gets 4/5 because it had an interesting plot and King Henry VIII from The Tudors, whom I adore. Black Death does not score as high. While I appreciated the historical backdrop, as this is possibly my favourite genre of movie, it started to get a little weird and the ending was not what I would consider uplifting. Not that all movies should end with the viewer having a big grin on their face, but this conclusion was particularly depressing. Heading to sleep with thoughts of the Bubonic Plague are not what good dreams are made of.

We woke up relatively early on Sunday because we had a BIG day ahead of us. We were heading to the good ol’ ball park to catch some Jay’s action. I haven’t been since I was about fifteen years old but it was the perfect day for it and we were going with a ton of people, so I had no concerns it would not be just as good as the first time. The only thing that dampened my spirits is the reality that Kelly Gruber would not be occupying third base.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

 On a side note, I absolutely LOVED the ’92/’93 back-to-back World Series Champion Blue Jays. Cito Gaston’s moustache, Joe Carter’s omnipresent sunglasses….tell me you don’t remember cheering for them like it was your job.

We headed down on the GO train, only to get separated from Leon and her husband Dave (who coincidently is Mark’s older brother). We decided we would trek through the train until we found them, which ended up being a good 8 carts ahead of ours. We made some friends along the way who taught us how to open the doors between carts. You really do learn something new everyday.

When we arrived in TO we headed to the Casey’s patio to kill some time before the game. We had a beautiful waiter.

He really got into the festive Canada Day mood and decided to take the glasses for a spin.

You can see the confusion on this poor girl’s face. I explained to her we were only getting a picture of the glasses ‘in action’.

After we had about all the patio fun we could handle, we headed to the game.  The stadium looked gorgeous, if not a little crowded.

And inside was even nicer.

We met up with our friend Julie and settled in to watch the game….

……and watch, and watch, and watch. I really had no idea that baseball games were so long.  I’m used to hockey, where two hours is really the max. There were some exciting moments for sure but for the most part, it was a lot of watching and waiting for something to happen. In the top of the 9th, the Angels really went to town on the Jays. They scored about four or five runs and we decided it was time to head out to catch the GO train. We still wanted to go for dinner and catch fireworks, so being the fair-weather fans we clearly are, we left. Outcome:

And suffer they did. Really, I did enjoy myself and would attend another game if it wasn’t on the same day as the Pride Parade, fireworks and Eurocup. It made for a mess in downtown TO but of course, some beautiful people watching 🙂

When we returned from the game we went for a group dinna to Kelseys and my friend Joanna met up with us, as the plan was to head to fireworks after. Unfortunately dinner ran until 10PM…and the fireworks did not. Marko drove us around like a chauffeur trying to find some but the best we could find were some backyard shows which consisted of mainly roman candles. We decided then and there that when we are older and get together with our kids to watch fireworks in the backyard, whoever brings roman candle-esque fireworks will not be invited back again the following year. They are just that terrible. Oh well, live and learn.

Today Mark and I did some summer cleaning of the outside shed variety and then we headed to my parents for another day in paradise. It was much like my previous post on Friday but replace Julie and Emily as the main characters with Mark and my fam. Nothing too exciting to report but some gorgeous weather and glorious book reading. And it looks like tomorrow might be more of the same and I am certainly not complaining. I heart the summer more than you can imagine.

That’s it, that all. How was your long weekend? Was it worthy of Canada’s 145th?


2 thoughts on “The Short Version of a Lovely Longggg Weekend

  1. I love Jays games…for about an hour, and then I can’t take anymore. Unless I am there with a big group drinking beer I get so bored. And I 100% agree with you about the World Series lineup. Hellooooo Roberto Alomar. And Kelly Gruber will of course always hold a special place in my heart.
    I wish I was around to hang with you guys, but I am honestly having the BEST time ever, and I will see you in a couple days and we WILL be getting our cowboy on.

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