Edmonton Adventures Part I

Well the verdict is in….Emily can’t cook. Well, I’m sure she can but somehow after picking me up from the airport, Ern ended up cooking stir fry for all of us. It was delicious and had some much-needed vegetables in it after the lack of anything green at the airport.

Backtracking a smidge, from Calgary to Edmonton, I took this little beauty:

I somehow ended up in the emergency exit row again and had no one beside me. I’m actually sad it was only a 50 minute flight because it was one of the best flying experiences I’ve had in quite some time.

I arrived to a greeting I’m sure was constructed especially for me:

I realized as I walked along, that regardless of the numerous times I’ve been to Edmonton, I’ve never been to their airport. I have to admit, it does beat Calgary for size and aesthetic appeal and this is hard for me to say, because I love the Calgary airport. Who doesn’t love a museum display at every baggage carousel.

Jurrassic Park – Carousel 8.

I’m not really sure why they depict dinosaurs ripping open people’s belongings. Perhaps so you are not as upset when your own suit case comes down ripped to shreds. They’re letting you know…it could be worse.

Thank you United Airlines…


Anyway, I’ll get back on track. After our delicious dinner we sat around and had girl talk because I haven’t seen these girls in a year and in Emily’s case, two years. Lots has happened and things have changed as they often do. Emily is living with her prince Mamre, along with our friend Chelsea, in a three bedroom house and Ern is on the other side of the city in a three bedroom abode as well. The last time I was here, everyone was living at home with their parents. The change is very nice. Living with parents can be both a blessing and a curse and I’m pretty sure everyone is quite happy to be doing their own thing now (like SH).

Thursday Ern took me on a shopping extravaganza. We hit up West Edmonton mall, which for those of you not familiar with this monstrosity in consumerism, is the largest mall in Canada. Every time I’m in Edmonton, it is a staple stop on the itinerary. It has tons of stores we don’t have at home and an ice rink, water park, mini putt and amusement park inside, if you’re feeling adventurous. I was not. I wanted to go shopping. Which is actually unusual for me, as I’m not much of a mall gal. In the end, Mark will be the benefactor of my purchasing whims more than myself but he should be. He’s working, I’m here. I think it’s only fair 🙂

We also hit up Whyte Ave.

Again, if you’re not familiar with the area, Whyte Ave is full of cute little boutique shops and at night-time, the most popular destination to party. Edmonton also has a downtown area but is much more business oriented. A good visual to represent the two would be:

I think you get the gist of what I’m trying to say here.

After boutiquieng it up for a couple of hours, it was really time to head back to Emily and Chelseas. I was exhausted. I was experiencing the phenomenon where shopping for several hours makes you feel like you have run a marathon. And what do you do to replenish nutrients after a marathon? Carboload! (Or is that before the marathon?)

Italian Perfection

The girls and I went to Olive Garden, exclusively at my request. I absolutely love the Olive Garden. We no longer have them in Ontario. We used to but they packed up and left and took a little piece of my (fake) Italian soul with them. When Mark and I used to live in Calgary, the Olive Garden was always our date night. Luckily for me, the girls also enjoy a pasta party. It was just as delicious as I remember it and we had some fabulous service from our waiter Cole. Not only did he give us a ridiculous amount of bread sticks to pack up and take home, he was also a glasses hero.

After dinner, for some much-needed digestion, we took Emily’s boston terrier/pug mix and Chelsea’s german shepherd/lab to the off leash dog park. I miss my dogs like crazy already, so this gave me an infusion of puppy love. Somehow I do not have a million pictures of them on my camera already, but today will be the day!

This morning we are off to Fort Edmonton. I do not know what this is but I do know that it is historical and that is my thing, so my friends are doing right by me.

I hope everyone back home is enjoying the hottest day of the summer. Dr. Saunders says to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Edmonton Adventures Part I

  1. The Mullet representation of Edmonton entertainment made me almost pee my pants.

  2. Edmonton misses your glasses.

  3. You’re making your country proud!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your trip. Heheheheh sparkles!

  4. I want to go there just to see the baggage display with the dinosaurs.

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