Expanding My Culinary Horizons

As I mentioned yesterday the last two years have pretty much looked like this for me:

(Photo source: http://romansacristan.blogspot.ca)

So, it’s time to get back to basics and that for me is making new and delicious (but healthy) recipes. Last night I decided to try low carb quesadillas from Your Lighter Side, a low carb blog that I’m starting to enjoy quite a bit. When I went to the grocery store I picked up all of the ingredients needed for this recipe; cauliflower, eggs, cheese and ground beef. Although I’m lying because I already had most of that in my fridge or freezer; who doesn’t? The first step in the recipe is to chop the cauliflower. I’m pretty sure they meant using a food processor because when you do it by hand it takes about half an hour and your kitchen looks like this:


This adventure has actually convinced me to purchase a food processor; which I will be doing today. Anyway, once this monumental task is done, the rest is pretty easy. You take the cauliflower, combine it with three eggs and cheese; I used two cups of light cheddar. You mix it up and put large dollops on a WELL greased cooking pan. The recipe said it made 10-12 quesadillas but I think because I didn’t use a whole bag of frozen broccoli (I used fresh) and because I used only 2 cups of cheese (not 3) I ended up with a little less in the bucket. I ended up with 8 quesadillas and they looked like this pre-cook:


Kind of looks like hashbrowns, yes?

While the queadillas are baking in the oven, you brown the ground beef (or chicken – I think I might use that next time). After you take the quesadillas out, you put the beef or chicken on top and then top with more cheese! There is a reason that I love this recipe. You then slide them back in the oven to melt the cheese.

On a side note, when I explained to Mark what I was making I got a big sad face. He even likes cauliflower and he was not impressed. So this was really a big question mark. He went down into the basement dejected and played his stories while I aimed to prove him wrong. Always a goal in a good marriage 🙂

Whelp, the quesidillas emerged, looking pretty weird:


But once you got your toppings on them, they looked a little more like your typical quesadilla (minus the top wrap – which I decided to chuck because there is no way two of those cauliflower beauties needed to be mashed together).


So I thought it was pretty damn good and I actually dislike cauliflower. But what about the true taste test; Mark, the culinary connoisseur of the family….?


We had a very happy and satisfied customer. He’s actually pumped there are some left over for tonight’s dinner!

I give this meal a 4.5/5. It only gets 0.5 booted from the rating because of the preparation time. However, in the future this will not be an issue when I get my handy food processor. It was an extremely cheap, healthy and tasty dinna. I highly recommend. For those of you hoping for the full recipe check out:


Now, I’m out to enjoy the sun and as my friend Emily said, ‘play around in the garden’. I’m not sure how much playing is going on when I’m caked with mud and sweat but it sure makes it sound like a good time.

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Expanding My Culinary Horizons

  1. You are motivating me to become a smaller tank.

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