Long Weekend Warrior

Yesterday was the most relaxed since the end of last summer and I only have Queen Victoria and her fabulous birthday to thank for it.

Friday night Mark and I had a movie date. We wanted to see Star Trek, j’adore, but as it was opening night did not think that was a wise choice. That will be getting delegated to a tight wad Tuesday night the next time Mark has a late hockey game. We instead saw Oblivion with Tommy Cruise. While I do not enjoy the man on a tabloid level, he can be a pretty capable actor and he did a fine job here. I particularly enjoy sci-fi, futuristic movies so I thought it was a safe choice. Besides a couple of silly parts in the plot I liked it. I gave it 4 Suris out of 5.

Saturday morning Markus left to head to the Bancroft mud bogs with his bromance and his brother, Redhead. The mud bogs look like this:

Not my cup of tea. Therefore, I stayed home and headed out into my gardens. Our new house has some glorious gardens and I can’t believe how much I’m loving being out there. More on that in my next post. I also got my Molly Maid on as I was having a couple of beauties over later. My friends Emilio and Leon arrived around 5 and we enjoyed some Azian delicacies. That is not a typo. Azian is a fantastic restaurant in the area that has pretty much any kind of Asian cuisine you could want – Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc. They have free delivery and the food is fantastic 9 times out of 10. Highly recommend. We all got sushi and a side dish. They give you so much food that I had left overs for lunch Sunday and Monday! That and the girls left their own leftovers in my fridge like the kind hearts they are. After dinna we headed to our friend Sherrie’s house for a little soiree. Sherrie is huge into games, so a game night always commences. The flavour of the weekend was Cards Against Humanity. Here’s a pic of us playing:

I’m the one with just my arm showing.

If you offend easily, do not play this game, ever. Fortunately, we do not. The first time we played this game, Emily had to go lie down because she had a headache from laughing so hard. While looking for a picture of us playing the game it came to my attention that this game has a massive cult following. It is sold out everywhere and even the expansion packs are very hard to find…interesting to philosophize what that means for our society.

After a rousing round of this and other games, we headed home. When we got in, we sang ‘Old Man Bolter’ to my dog Bolt to the tune of Old Man River. I think he liked it.

The girls slept over and snuck out like quiet little mice early in the a.m. I slept in a bit and headed back outside until the early afternoon. Then the lovely Leo and I headed over to our nephew’s birthday. Being friends and marrying brothers is a very good thing. I really like Mark’s family; they are extremely inviting and welcoming people and I have a good time with them (particularly at our wedding in Jamaica) but it is always nice to have your safety blanket. Leo is said safety blanket. We hung out, had some delicious summer time food and talked about home births in kiddie pools. A good time was had by all. After this we both went to my family homestead and had a little hang out with my mom Brennie the Babe. My mom and I have always been particularly close and I love chatting with her both in person and via email. Her emails are r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s. So Sunday ended up being a giant family love-in. Even Leo is family now ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday Markus returned home around noon and was immediately put to work. Again, we both enjoyed the continued gorgeous weather and worked outside as a team. We then had a family walk with the pups in the forest and my prize for this activity was multiple mosquito bites. Minus this little run in with my least liked creatures in nature, it was a fantastic day topped off by yet another delicious BBQ. Isn’t that what this weather is for though?

I thought I would leave you with a pic of Bolt helping outside last spring because who doesn’t like dog pics?


Goodnight everyone – Love Bolt ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Long Weekend Warrior

  1. I burst out laughing at “Not my cup of tea” and “This is a picture of us playing.” Looks like Evan on the right. Blechhhhh Star Trek, come on!
    Fab seeing you on Saturday my young lover.

  2. Mark’s buggy looks a little small for him. He should take off his prosthetic legs to give himself more room.

  3. Lol I didn’t realize you had a blog! I thought you were just posting articles on fb hehe

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