The Things I like at 29

Happy Hump Day!

First I want to satisfy anyone who likes pictures of food with my breakfast this morning.


Fresh spinach, onions, egg whites, light feta and salsa. Whooop. Acceptable for any ‘plan’ one might be on – clean eating, paleo, low carb, WW, etc.

Alright, back to the point of this post, I’ve discovered that the things I now like, are things that I never thought I would like when I was 20. I’m going to talk about three of them.

1) Mark. When Leanne and Julie would tell me I was going to date him (let along marry him) I used to make what could only be described as vomiting noises. This has nothing to do with him physically and I didn’t even know his beautiful personality yet, it was just the image I had of his lifestyle. Mudbogs, big trucks, poor grammar, no thank you. However, as more mature and wiser owl, I decided to give him a chance four years ago and his kind heart totally won me over and I’m absolutely ecstatic that it did. One of my top three good decisions in life 🙂 This would have never happened:


(Fave Wedding Pic: Corey Smith – fab photog)

Or this:


(Just a Romantic Evening with my Prom Queen)

2) Another thing that I did not think I would like is working. But I LOVE my job. No lie, I am currently wearing an over sized XXL t-shirt with the logo ‘I Heart DC‘ on it. I even show my school pride when doing household chores and writing blogs. I recently went off on a rant to someone who badmouthed teaching because I really do feel I have the best job in the world for me.


(I would wear this if it was dress code appropriate)

Post-secondary teaching has all the warm feeleys of public school teaching – like the light bulb moments and making a difference in the lives of your students but there are all kinds of these other benefits. They encourage me to publish and I like to write. They have sent me out of country to a conference; probably a future blog post. They are also allowing me to develop my own course – my own course!!! As an educator, that is a dream. It will be my course, my content, set up exactly how I want it and I get to teach and it in the time slot of my choosing. Does not get better than that. This is my task for May-June, therefore my ability to blog around right now. I’m sure I will go wild about this topic again in July when I’m laying by my pool in the middle of the day but for now, that will suffice.

3) Finally, what inspired this post, something else that I never thought would happen:

Never in a million years did I think I would like gardening. I remember my mom toiling away in the garden my entire life and it just didn’t appeal to me. However, when it’s you have your own home and you have the ability to make it more beautiful…I don’t know, something just changes. I’ve recently said that 20-year-old Dawn would want to punch 29-year-old Dawn in the face because lately whenever anyone asks what I did on the weekend, I tell them with excitement, ‘I worked in the gardens!’ Not cool. I do not care though. Look at these beauties:



Miyou even gets in on the action:


And Bolt.


Mark and I made this little peanut in our front yard this weekend.


Finally, an overall view of the backyard:


My mom always used to call her backyard her paradise. She had a pool and all of these gardens surrounding it and I kind of got it but it really just looked like a lot of work. Work I admittedly did not help with unless asked (sorry Bren). I gotcha you now mom. I got you. This is my paradise and when that pool is open in 5 days, there will be no tearing me away….from the gardens.


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