Some Eats

My life is busy this week but not all that exciting. I’m currently dealing with scheduling issues, trying to balance a full time college course load with a part-time university’s not going well. However, I have to remain optimistic. I know I was meant to do this, so when it’s meant to be it works out. I have also been doing the old spring cleaning. Right now my task is windows and grout. Here I am cleaning my grout:

It’s such hard work I had to put on my tank top to ensure success.

If anyone wants to learn how to clean grout while staring at some cleavage, this little vid might also be useful for you.

I thought because I’m so enthralling these days, I would actually blog about my food. It’s been pretty good lately, so I wanted to show you a couple of my fave meals from this week. I again had this little beauty, so I apologize but it’s a repeat pic. But I switched it up and put in green peppers instead of onion.


I ate this pretty late in the morning, so I also added a banana with peanut butter as my snack. I find that combo fills me up for a solid two hours. Then Marko came home and we had a sausage fest. Hehe. No but seriously, we literally had one…these are his disgusting deer sausages. They remind me of rotting intestines:


Despite their repulsive exterior, Mark really, really likes them.


I instead had a pork version because I’m not so down with the deer and as a side we had a plethora of veggies. I did these up in my favourite way to get my greens.


You throw in veggies that are good for the heat of a BBQ, I had lots of green, yellow and orange peppers, and some onion and broccoli. You then spray them with non-stick cooking spray and throw them into a BBQ basket. You then give them to your partner and they put them on the BBQ for you and stir them around once and a while. They do shrink down but in the end the whole meal looks like this:


Delicious. If I was really good I would remove the bun but I like a good bun. Who doesn’t?

Yesterday’s workout was this little beauty.

If you are not a member of SparkPeople – become one! It is the greatest free fitness/healthy living site going. You can track your food, get free fitness videos, articles, etc. It’s all free and it’s a teen dream. Check ‘er out.

That’s all for today friends. Back to cleaning grout in my tank top and slicked back pony.


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