The Good Old Hockey Game

No, I was not fortunate enough to attend a playoff game, but yesterday evening I was one lucky gal and got to go watch Mark show off his goalie moves in his D league hockey game. More on that in a bit.

Let’s discuss some food. For breakie I had a grilled cheese on multigrain sour dough bread (amazing). I even added a little extra lean turkey in there to amp up the protein. Really delicious and filling and definitely on Bolt‘s radar.


He’s a gentleman and a scholar though and he left it alone. Lunch was also a winner and definitely something I’ve thought about making for a while. I concocted a smoothie with some of the over-ripe strawberries crying in my fridge, a banana, flax-seed, greek yogurt and fresh spinach. I’ve put spinach in my smoothies forever. Since about the time this gal inspired me to do so: I commented that I was a huge spinach fan but had never considered putting it in a smoothie. I love it. Such an easy way to get in one of the best veggies going and you don’t even taste it. The biggest news of this little smoothie delight is that I used Stevia to sweeten it. A little info on the supplement here:

I have never used Stevia but keep hearing about it from lots of people who are on low-carb or clean eating diets. It’s a natural, low-calorie sweetener that you can use to replace big, bad, aspartame based sweeteners. Obviously we’re getting to the point where we know that aspartame is bad for us and I’d be a hypocrite to all the smokers that I’ve berated if I did not to try to eliminate it from my diet. While I still love a Coke Zero once in a while, I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. It was actually REALLY sweet. I would probably only use half a packet next time…which is probably a good thing because it’s a little pricey. Overall though, I was a satisfied customer.


Then, to supplement my day long grout work out, I fit in this little routine to do some toning.

I have resistance bands, so super easy. I highly recommend this exercise tool if you haven’t jumped on that band wagon yet. You don’t think they’re doing much and then you are a little sore the next day.

Dinner was rushed. Mark had an early hockey game so we threw a chicken breast on the BBQ and I shredded up some lettuce, spinach, threw in some cheddar cheese and we put it all on a multigrain wrap with Caesar dressing. A 10 minute combined effort and it was actually really good. I’ve really missed making meals like this. I actually feel physically better after eating them.


After this speedy meal, we literally raced to hockey because God forbid Mark isn’t at least half an hour early. He really cherishes his pre-game stretch or whatever he’s doing in that change room…. This is the first time that I’ve gone to one of his games this season. As soon as I sat down, I saw this lovely creature through the glass:


This picture doesn’t quite do justice to the age of this gentleman but I would say he was pushing 70. I immediately nicknamed him Old Man River in my head, because this seems to be the theme song for the week. I knew right then and there that it was going to be a good game and it did just keep getting better. Five minutes later my friend Lynsey came in as her beau is on Mark’s team. We proceeded to catch up and watch allll the action in this D league game.


My Carey Price in Action

Really..not a lot happened. Mark looked like this most of the game:


However, we did have a little excitement when Mark slid all the way out to the blue line and one of his defense men had to stop a shot.

But then…one minute left in a 5-0 game for Mark’s team; Old Man River winds up, takes aim through the sweat dripping into his wise old eyes and makes the shot heard round the stadium. I’m not kidding; Lynsey, myself and Mark’s entire team (and I swear a couple members of the other bench) erupted in cheers and claps. It really was an inspirational way to end the game and the evening. Markus got a shut out with a final score of 6-0. Interestingly enough, they haven’t won a game all season, so I’m pretty sure we are the lucky charms of the evening. Which takes us to this picture of Lynsey and I (and other gems) on some holiday I can’t quite remember 🙂

I’m now off to say a final goodbye to my old high school which is very sadly closing its doors at the end of this year. My Happy or Hungry bud Lindsey will be reporting on this bittersweet occasion and I will be linking to is, so keep an eye out.

Have a wonderful, happy and healthy weekend!


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