Taking it Back to the Old School, Cause I’m an Old Fool

Friday was a very interesting day. So interesting I believe it will be broken into two parts.

That (late) morning I had the same grilled cheese and turkey breast from the previous day. Not the same one but same ingredients, you know what I’m saying. I then took the dogs on a lonnng and leisurely walk. The view looked like this:


I am absolutely loving where we live in the city. This is just one of the beautiful pics to be taken in the 22 acre dog park right behind our house. There are even more picturesque spots to be had…I really need to take my camera but for now this Samsung pic will have to do.

After this walk, I was a grout queen again until it was time to get ready for a high school reunion of sorts. Before leaving I indulged in this creation:


In this little beauty was Greek yogurt, frozen spinach, peaches, frozen berries and Stevia. It gave me all the necessary energy for ‘my big event.’ This occasion was actually very bittersweet. My little high school, Cartwright, is closing. I went there all five years of my life, choosing to beg my parents to drive me all the way into Blackstock instead of getting bused to my home school in Port Perry. Most people do not say that they liked high school but I LOVED high school. I had some of the best times of my life there and would seriously go back in a heartbeat. Not only did the school majorly influence what I’m doing today and give me the necessary skills and dedication to succeed in a hell of a lot of post-secondary, it also gave me an entire group of life-long friends. Emily, Lindsey, Lisa, Joanna, Crystal and I have stayed friends since grade 9. I guess I should probably include Joelle in there as well. A few recent pics to prove our decades long love:

We have even stayed friends with our high school History teacher:

As well as our high school English teacher:

That would be her in the tiger mask. Obviously she’s a good time.

It’s pretty safe to say the school has had a huge impact on my life both then and now, so I wanted to pay it the respect it deserved. When we found out there was going to be a Cartwright celebration day before its closure, it was obvious we wanted to be in attendance. I met up with Lindz around 4PM and was immediately reunited with some of our teachers from the past. The school also had decade rooms set up, so I traveled around and perused the 90’s/new millennium room (we were 97-2002) and then for fun went into the 50’s/60’s and 70s/80s rooms. I also ran into quite a few of my husband’s relatives, as their Blackstock roots run deep. Around 5:30 Emily and Joanna showed up and then the photo shoot commenced.

This first pic was taken in the old locker rooms. For some reason we had trouble getting into our old lockers:

Then Joanna and I got a picture with our fave accounting teacher. He still had the same sarcastic sense of humour that I loved so much. I find I am very much like him with my own students. Joanna and I once took a picture of his derriere and put it in the year book that year. He was happy to learn of this 12 years later. You can see the joy on his face:


We did some catching up in the library:

Then snuck into the locked attic like we used to and found some gorgeous 1970’s pinafores:

Then we called all of our teachers out to the front of the school and we got a group photo for the ages:


To keep current, we also got a picture with the most recent principal who let us call all of the teachers, by nickname, out to the front of the school for a picture. If he had have been there in our OAC year, I’m pretty sure it would have been a completely different school. We were pretty domineering anyway, without boundaries it could have been dangerous.


After all of this fun and reminiscing it was time to depart. I left around 7PM, happy and sad all at the same time. It really hurts me to know that generations of students will not get to experience what it is like to have Cartwright as their high school. It was a teen dream, literally. I really think it is a testament to a school that hundreds of people from ages 14-94 showed up to relive their happy times and pay their respects to such an amazing institution. Thank you to all of my teachers, friends and the community for making my teenage years memorable, influential and most of all, happy. Most people are not that lucky.

Goodbye Cartwright, we’ll miss you…


For another take on the celebration check out: http://happyorhungry.com/.


2 thoughts on “Taking it Back to the Old School, Cause I’m an Old Fool

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  2. Lovely to see you and your gang.

    So sad this wonderful school is closing. No other public school like it in the Province. It is a real shame and a great loss to the community that its doors will close. There is an appeal meeting at the Elementary school on May 29 at 6:30 to address the infractions made by the school board during the Accommodation Review process.

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