Tasty Tuesday

Before I continue to recap my weekend – which was unusually eventful, I thought I would get back to the roots of what I think this blog is going to really focus on; trying to be a healthy and happy educator. So without keeping you all in suspense, I would have to say that yesterday was a very good day health and fitness wise.

After walking the pups in the conservation area, I started the day off with this meal:


To shake up the egg white omelet that is fast becoming a breakfast staple, I swapped the light feta for light cheddar. I kept the spinach and onions but added in some flax-seed. I feel you could add flax-seed in almost anything and you would never taste it.This really is a delicious way to start the day.

I then went on my merry way to work. I am involved in an Online/Hybrid Institute at the college, which is basically an afternoon class designed to help professors gain the skills necessary to turn a course into a hybrid or online format. You may remember mentioning that the college is allowing me to develop my own course. I’m finding it quite beneficial but I’ve found all of the professional development provided by my employer to be amazing. I’m not just saying this. I truly believe it’s helped me become a better post-secondary teacher. One day when my material well is running dry, I will go into more detail about this PD.

After my afternoon class, I had myself a pear and about three glasses of water. I did a lot of other useless errands that ate two hours of my life and arrived home to my main man already preparing the dinner I had planned ahead for. By this I mean he had started the BBQ for the boneless chicken breast.

I was in a bit of a mood at this point, since yesterday was the second day that the company that we are paying ample amounts of money to open our pool, have failed to do their job. However, Markus is always a mood lifter and reminded me there is no point in being angry at something you can’t fix. There are many reasons why I married him and his happy face is a big one.

We got to work chopping all kinds of veggies – bok choy, yellow pepper, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, onion and garlic to be exact. Mark then left to become the grill master while I added the rest of the ingredients. I find that when making a stir fry, the order of ingredients is important and it goes:

1) Garlic and Onion

2) Pepper

3) Bok Choy and Spinach

4) Mushrooms

5) Broccoli

Some may disagree but I find it leaves everything with the right amount of crispness. After throwing these together we had this:


While Paul Plakas would have wanted a little more colour…..

Plakas(Source: http://blogs.canoe.ca/keepingfit/tag/edmonton/)

…..I was thinking it looked pretty healthy. I then added 2 cups of brown rice and mixed in panda sauce, olive oil, salt and pepper and soy sauce. These were all to taste.


Looking at that, there is obviously enough for lots of leftovers, which is why I love meals like this. I have a really long day tomorrow at a curriculum mapping session and then Mark and I have a gym date. By the time we get home, the last thing I will want to do is cook, so voila, two meals for the work of one.

Mark then cut up the chicken breast and we added it on top of the rice and veggies:


If you are wondering what is on the top, the meal did not sprout dandruff. I sprinkled some light Parmesan on top. That may sound weird to some and maybe not all that congruent but I love cheese and for my taste buds, it just works.

After dinner Markus headed to hockey. I worked on another course outline that I am revising and then found this little beauty online:


My legs were still pretty sore from yesterday’s full on gym workout, so this seemed like a safe bet. Even though it was only 7 minutes, I had a little sweat on. I switched out the planks and sit ups, as I have an abdominal hernia and doubled up on the squats. While squats make me cry a little inside, I know they are one of the most effective things you can do so I always try to include them during any workout…unless of course my legs are shredded for some reason.

Tomorrow I will reveal my mystery weekend visitor, stay tuned!


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