Who Wears Short Shorts?

I started my weekend off with a little fun in the sun. The weather was GORGEOUS.  The first part of the day I cleaned the rim of the pool and the liner. I also cleaned up some of the random pool accessories that were left behind by the previous owners. For example:

Pool chair

I also got out our new lawn chairs and set them up. They are my absolute favourite colour and they were a super steal from IKEA. I can’t say I’ve had a chance to actually lie in them yet but I’ll keep you posted on their functionality.

IKEA chairs

Around 2PM my Momma Bear, Brennie, and my sis, Melon showed up and we had a lovely girl’s day in the sunshine.

Melissa and DawnMy mom even set herself up in my tiki hut and had her own little spa day.

Brennie the Babe

Melon brought over my fur nephew Rocky and he had a lovely little play with Miyou. They’re so awkward with each other because Rocky weighs three times as much as Miyou but they try and I admire their spirit.

Rocky and Miyou

Mark arrived home and tested out the durability of the the waterfall:


Fortunately he wasn’t completely silly and decided to jump in off of the side and not the waterfall.

Jumping in the pool

My fam went home around 5PM and Markus and I had some dinner. We had one of my favourite recipes that I haven’t made in ages; quinoa with feta, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach. I will reveal the recipe breakdown on Friday.

Quinoa Dinner

After dinner I went out for a swim and we both did our own thing for a bit and then came together to watch a movie. Mark’s X Box had a free movie rental on it this weekend for some zombie apocalypse movie and Mark and I love, love this genre. So we definitely had on our happy pants but unfortunately, whatever it was called (it was that memorable) will not be receiving any accolades anytime soon. It was a nice rest for my brain though.

Saturday, the daytime was filled with laundry and cleaning and I fit in some laps in the pool before it started pouring. After a  little BBQ with my main man we headed to my sister’s house. She and her beau Kyle were having some people over and kindly invited myself and all of my friends over as well. They just moved into a new condo and it was the first time I’ve seen it all decorated and clean and it looked just beautiful. We watched the hockey game, hung out and had some pops. Melon was looking very festive, although I’m not sure she realizes it is now June, not March.

Brooklin Fair Melon

We headed over the Brooklin Fair around 9:40. We got there a little before 10PM, which is a good thing because this is when they close the gates. Unfortunately, not our whole party was there on time; we still had to wait for Julie’s boyfriend Rob and Kyle and a couple of his friends were also missing in action. It took a lot of sweet talking and Melon basically standing in the way of the man closing the gates but they did, by some miracle, let Rob in at 10:10PM. Last year we showed up at 10:05 and were denied entrance and then ended up a much less desirable location than the fair. But this year, not to worry. We paid our $10 to get in and walked around and visited with some goats and other barnyard creatures and then headed over to meet everyone at the ‘New Beer Garden’. Now, I take umbrage with this title….yes, there was beer but there were no gardens. As someone who now appreciates a good garden, I thought this was an inappropriate moniker. It was beer being served in a tent. Hence why the name Beer Tent is always the way to go. No need to class it up. It is what it is.

When we arrived at the entrance of this magical Beer Garden, the line was easily 100 people long. Mark and Corey were already inside and our friend Lisa was half way up the line by herself, so really not an ideal situation. They were only letting in a few people at a time and by the time we were half-way up the line, Emily had to go home with Corey. So we lost them. Melissa, Kyle and friends also didn’t want to wait in line and apparently Melon was also sleeping on benches and they questioned whether she would be granted access. Considering the dozen or more cops patrolling the tent area, my guess is no.  So FINALLY, Julie, Robin (aka Khaki) and myself got in. It was another $2 to gain entrance into the Beer ‘Garden’. They then gave us wrist bands with four little tags on them. Once someone consumed their four beverages they were effectively cut off. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I mean, it’s a good attempt to cut down on drunk driving and fighting but honestly, it would be pretty easy to work your way around this system and I think they lost out on some revenue.

Once we got inside we caught up with Lisa for a bit.

Julie, Lisa and Dawn

However, she left pretty soon after this since we spent so much time in line.

Since there wasn’t a lot to do, the night then progressed into taking pictures of all of the interesting characters in the vicinity. We also discovered a disturbing new trend for guys in their early 20’s; bright, short, shorts. Not really sure what was going on there. We kept snapping pics ‘without people knowing’ but I tried to take a picture of the photobomber in the next photo because he was wearing lime green, short shorts but he and his friends (including creepy Harry Styles) caught me. They seemed to be OK with it though because they wanted to be in a picture with Mark.

Harry Styles

Then we spotted this beautiful creature and he was MORE than happy to let us pose with him.

Short Shorts

His face makes me die. Just a winner. He was so excited to pose for this picture too.

After this short short hunt, we decided to all just catch up and have a chat. We haven’t hung out with just Julie and Khaki in a while, so that was really nice. We left around 12:30 and headed home. Overall, I would give the Brooklin Fair experience a 5/10. Having to be there before 10PM and then waiting in line for half an hour was not fun. Then having to pay to get into the fair and then paying again to get into the Beer ‘Garden’, was a little much. They were also overkill on the police presence. I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong but it didn’t matter, I just felt nervous. I will not be returning, as I think the Brooklin Fair is getting too big for its britches. You’re not running a night club. You’re running a mud pit in Brooklin and you need to get back on board and get back to your roots.

Overall, I definitely don’t regret going. I got to see a lot of my friends and I also got to see some really ridiculous shorts….I don’t need a lot more in this world.

I’m off to Kingston for three days of professional development, so I may or may not be blogging. If not, you have yourselves a fabulous week and we’ll all catch up soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “Who Wears Short Shorts?

  1. Hey Fit to Teach,
    I believe an edit might have to be done to excluded our adventures in the petting zoo !
    Uncle Emilion

    • I didn’t have those pics…I think we took them on Ken’s phone or they absolutely would have made the post! You and da baby goat made my life complete that night 🙂

  2. I think we know that short-shorted man… I think he was friends with LIsa’s friend Kyle.
    I cannot lie, I’m glad I didn’t miss a dream night. Though it looks like a step up from last year’s festivities…

    • You did not miss a dream in anyway. Like I said, an OK night…but will not be returning. It’s possible that dude knew Lisa…but Lisa saw him, so I’m not too sure. He was there with a woman who loved that we wanted our pic with him, she was either his friend or the coolest gf ever. Can’t wait to read about your weekend!

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