Resisting Temptation

I have to say a big thank you to this blog because it is really helping me stay on track and resist big, bad, temptation in many forms. I wanted to outline a few of these successes to hopefully encourage myself and maybe some others to continue making good choices. The biggest temptation I have been encountering lately is not going to the gym. I really don’t like the gym; it is not my dream. However, it wasn’t always this way. It used to be a big part of my life. I went 6 times a week and I absolutely loved it. I have an addictive personality and this became my strange addiction…not to be confused with:


but I think a healthier addiction and one that was certainly good for my body. However, at the height of my gym love I had an altercation with my mother over me going to the gym versus working on our rental property and my love for the gym slowly died. Not only did I get out of my zone this summer but I’ve also associated copious amounts of gym time with selfishness and fighting with Brennie. Not a happy correlation. For the last year getting to the gym has been like pulling teeth. I finally signed up for a very cheap personal training package at the gym,Β  8 – half hour sessions and these have forced me to get there twice a week. However, these sessions are now gone and I was a little worried. Last week Mark and I made a date to go to the gym on Wednesday and I REALLY didn’t want to go. I was up early and in a curriculum mapping session all day and I felt like a zombie by 4PM but….I resisted the temptation to not go! This workout momentum then led to a wog (walk/jog) and weights on Thursday and me fitting in a 30-45 minute swim session on Friday and Saturday.

I also find that workout momentum leads you to make better food decisions. It really is a beautiful but sometimes viscous cycle because it works the other way as well. But so far it’s been a positive force for me. At work last week, someone shoved a box of these in my face at least three times and tried to force me to take one:


Temptation resisted! It was also the weekend which usually means that healthy eating goes right out the window but instead of frozen pizza or take out, Mark and I had healthy meals the entire weekend. Now, I will admit, after the Brooklin Fair, a Junior Chicken was consumed but I really didn’t feel bad about this. It could have been an entire Big Mac meal! It also didn’t start a tidal wave of crap eating like these ‘cheats’ can sometimes do. I knew I had worked out that day and eaten well so it was OK to have something not so healthy and Sunday we got right back on track.

I am now at my professional development retreat and you can bet there are lots of these:


and these:


and guess what? Temptation resisted! I did eat a piece of cheesecake last night but to be fair, I didn’t eat much of a main meal. They served roast beef, which I detest and the vegetarian counterpart was rather inedible. So along with a strawberry salad and some mashed potatoes I had cheesecake for dinner. But what can you do? The options here are a little limited. I just felt good because by 7PM last night I could have consumed 5 cookies and 3 scones and a piece of cheesecake and before, I probably would have.

So thanks to the blog process and to the people I know are reading it, you’re helping me resist temptation, one small step at a time πŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “Resisting Temptation

  1. 1. How does that woman eat rocks without ruining her teeth?!?! I mean pebbles maybe, but she is trying to tackle a boulder bite by bite!

    2. I have too been trying to resist temptation, and I do ok. I try and keep sweets out of the house, at least the one’s I lose the temptation fight with, and TRY when hungry to drink a pint of water and eat fruit or cottage cheese (This isn’t a diet thing, I actually love the stuff). Good luck fighting the good fight!

    3. I can’t find your “like” button for this blog. I want to like it. Am I going insane?? It is somewhere obvious and I am just missing it right?

    • PS. I just “liked” it on the reader. Problem solved!

    • Thanks for the comment and the like! I love My Strange Addiction. It’s one of the most ridiculous shows every created. When Is aw an opportunity to integrate it into the blog, it had to be done. I’m sure I will fit it in there sometime again soon.

      Water is always a winner when it comes to fighting off cravings. I also find chewing gum sometimes helps as well! That’s great you like cottage cheese….it’s definitely not my thing but I’m always looking for helpful suggestions πŸ™‚

  2. My husband needs less sleep than i and so sometimes i decide to go to sleep while he is watching TV. However My Strange Addictions! Far out. I turn my back to the TV and close my eyes and yet my head won’t tune the sound out like i usually do and i hear something completely strange and soon enough i’ve turned back around and am watching TV. This is repeated the entire show and you’d think i’d learn by now to just watch it. It’s so horrifying but you can’t look away!

    • Haha…horrifying; that is one way to describe it. It always makes me laugh….although I have to agree…some of them are just disgusting and in several cases, dangerous.

      Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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