Exquisite Emilio and Her Dirty Thirty

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this guy right here:


I love me some Emilio. She is just an absolutely amazing, supportive and wonderful friend. She has always had my back, as long as I can remember and we have had some HILARIOUS timones together. Case in point:


I feel like we have almost the exact same sense of humour and I can really talk to her about anything and everything and she will always, always support me. Her generosity with her friends really knows no bounds. This is why I was so excited to celebrate her thirtieth birthday this weekend!!!

Emily is known for being the Party Mama of the group. I love to host and entertain but I do not put nearly as much effort into the festivities.  When she told me she had left her 30th planning to her man Corey…I was a little concerned. Sorry Cork, but you do no scream Domestic Diva.

However, when arrived at 5:30, everything was looking pretty much the norm in the Party Mama’s abode.

Party tableCorey, smart fella that he is, enlisted the help of Emily’s mom and sister and therefore, the Party Mama legacy lived on. Corey was of course on hand to festively hand out beverages and this is all we can ask for in our men.

Birthday Shots

Dinner and the unreal amount of salads and other appetizers went unpictured but imagine the best BBQ you’ve ever been to and you would kind of get the point. If I had of taken a picture it probably would have looked like this:

Source: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4035/4480602128_819d9dcce2_z.jpg

You can see Corey wore his new black sandals for the occasion.

Anyway, after an unreal dinner, Emily cut the cake, which was lovingly prepared by Costco.

Birthday Cake

Unfortunately, the sparkler candles missed the memo that it was Em’s birthday and burnt her finger pretty badly. For some reason Emily decided to not rinse the burn under cold water as suggested and instead showed her very red and puffy finger to everyone for the next couple of hours with a sad face. However, we were able to turn the night around with some present opening.

Emilio and Gift #1

Emily really enjoyed her new hat and the rest of the presents contained within the creepiest gift bag ever. Ever. I found these bags at a dollar store near my old house and have been using them ever since.  To truly appreciate them I have provided a close up:

Creep Bag

Emily also got right into reading one the new books that I gave her:

Book Present

I gave Emilio some ‘serious’ presents but I also gave her an assortment of smaller items that I thought might come in hand as one begins the aging process the inevitably speeds up after the age of 30:

Old Person Gifts

Emily was actually really excited to get a shower cap (wrong) but her sister Sara was visibly saddened when she found out that I gave Emily a knee-board as an ‘old person gift’ because she loves her knee board for use in the garden. This really made me laugh hard but I do apologize Sara….I guess I just come from a genetic lot with really hearty knees.

After presents, the hi-jinx commenced with a little bit of cape wearing from my friend Julie’s dad, Kenny. Kenny is a bit of a legend around these parts and I think the following picture will demonstrate why:

Kenny and the Girls

And if him wrapping himself in the plastic table-cloth doesn’t convince you, Kenny happily accepted the challenge of ‘the boot’:

The boot

For those of you who are not aware of the boot from Beerfest, click here. It never ceases to amaze me when our parents become the life of the party.  I’m not really sure when this shift happened but there was a lot of this going on at my wedding in Jamaica last January.  One day I shall write a post on this and I believe it will be magical.

For now, let take a look at all of the fun times to be had at Emily’s b-day.

Glasses time in the basement:

Dawn and Mark


The classic glasses switch with Corey’s Uncle Keith:

Uncle Keith

We also had some good old fashioned rough housing with the birthday girl and our high school buddy, Joella:


Overall, it was a really fun night with my amazing friends and family (yup even my parents were there in full force until about 1am). There were quite a few shenanigans that went unpictured but I’ll tell what I couldn’t let go without being immortalized on this blog, the hideously creepy, birthday drop cloth that Emily and Corey used to keep their basement floor clean of spills. If this doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what will!

Creepy Clown

You’re welcome.

Fortunately for us, Mark and I were feeling fine today and were able to accomplish a lot of work that needed doing in the backyard. I spent most of the afternoon cutting grass and edging everything out, while Mark created a beautiful little gate so that we have easier access to walk the dogs in the field behind our house.

I just thought I would share the sunshiney results of my efforts and hopefully brighten your day on what is supposed to be a very rainy Monday.


I  hope everyone’s weekend was as eventful and friend-filled as mine. What did you do to enjoy the sunshine?


5 thoughts on “Exquisite Emilio and Her Dirty Thirty

  1. Happy birthday to Emily! I can tell by the ‘stache glasses alone that it was a raging good time. And the knee board?! PRICELESS.

    Your pool looks amazing. We’ve been trying to open ours for 3 weeks. Filter is acting up. #FirstWorldProblems

    • The bottom of your comment made me spit out my H2O because I had the exact same thought the other day when I was RAGING about our pool not being opened on the scheduled day. As I ranted on and on to Mark and whoever would listen, I realized I needed to calm right down and even thought to myself in my head #firstworldproblems and it all got put into perspective. Not to say I didn’t send a blistering review of service to the manager of the pool store….

  2. Bahaha, the family BBQ pic. Aw, Renee and her lover! So sad I missed them. Kinda wishing we stayed over ’cause it took TWO. HOURS. to get back to Ev’s cottage. This was after my turn on the boot. We may have pulled over for squat-popping purposes…

    Anyway, fun times. Emilio is hands down the hostess with THE mostess, Kenny is a hotdog with and without his sunglasses, and we are good at frisbee. Do do dooo, can’t wait for Saturday.

  3. We decided after that your boot was definitely double what others consumed…so I’m thinking that may have been a couple of pull overs. You needed one of these: http://shepee.org/

    THE FRISBEE GAME – Seriously…I’ve never been so bad at something the first time out. It was one of those experiences where I will never do it again sober. Embo’s bring in over for the wedding party though, so I will have to practice drunk a few times before that.

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