Kick-Ass Colleagues and a Beautiful Day by the Pool

So I haven’t just been making food lately, I do a lot of ‘stuff’. On Tuesday night Markus and I planned a movie date. Not only because it had been a few weeks since we’ve been, but I LOVE Tuesday movie nights. If you go to Cineplex its $5.95. However, we ended up at Empire Theaters and while the discount was not quite as significant, it was still cheaper than their usual, ridiculous prices. Because of Mark’s annoying inconsistent hockey schedule we had to go to the 3D one as well, but considering we were going to see this:


…I felt like 3D would not be wasted and this assumption was verrrry correct. Now, I have no issues admitting I’m a bit of a Trekkie. I’ve seen every single episode of Star Trek the Next Generation and all of the times that Family Guy has made fun of Warf on the show:


I’ve seen a few of the older Star Trek series as well but it is not readily available on Net Flix, so I would say this has been the biggest deterrent in me seeing all five seasons. I’ve also seen several of the older movies and obviously the first of the new Star Trek revamps. The second didn’t disappoint. I’m really not sure which one I liked more. I love action/futuristic movies to begin with, so coupled with this genre and Spock‘s Vulcan death grip, it really couldn’t fail….and the new Kirk is looking pretty good, so even if you can’t stand these movies, you can always fall back on this. I rate the movie 8 beam me ups out of 10.

On the way out I took my Student ID card for Monster’s University:

Monsters Inc

Now, what I suspect will be the highlight of my week; I had a bunch of ladies over from my work for a pool party yesterday. I know all of these girls from different facets of the college and we all know each other in some way but I thought it would be good to get ‘the under 30’ club together to get to know each other on a different level. It’s easy to talk shop with someone who works in the same field as you but it’s not always as easy to get to know each other on a more personal level; so I was hoping to accomplish this mission yesterday.

Obviously with a girl’s day you are going to end up with a smorgasbord of food:


There was a nice mix of healthy and indulgent. Almost everyone had a couple of plates because you can’t go wrong filling up on fruit, veggies and hummus. My friend Kimi also brought guac straight from Jimmy Guaco’s…so I definitely took some tips on the consistency and flavour for my next guacamole attempt.

It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day for this. It rained Monday, Tuesday and today but Wednesday was a big ball of this:

sunny-dayMost of the girls came between 1-2.

Girls Day

And as you can see, not a cloud in the sky. Even the gardens were in full bloom for their arrival:


We spent the first part of the afternoon chatting and eating and then we headed over to the pool.

Pool Day

and so did Bolt.

My mom got the dogs this ball that floats on the top of the water and Bolt really, really wanted that ball. However, he couldn’t quite figure out that he had to get in the pool, swim over to the ball and retrieve it. Not his most brilliant moment. So he pretty much spent the entire afternoon at the steps smacking the water with his paw and craning his neck as if the ball would magically end up in his mouth this way. He was definitely the clown at the party.


Later he snuggled right up to Kristen and pretty much took over his towel but it was confirmed, Bolt loves his ladies.

When Mark got home from work we took advantage of the giant boulders in the backyard and got an expertly posed ladies picture.

Ladies by the Pool

And of course, Bolt got right in there. After this, most of the girls went home and the clouds actually rolled in (I told you, perfect weather!) and Alex, Mubeen and I headed out for dinner. Alex got to the party a little late because she had to work until 4 and I really wanted to catch up with her since she had some exciting news; she’s newly engaged! Her mom and my grandma are also friends, so I knew all about this but I wanted to hear some of the details straight from her. We had a lovely chat and some really good Thai food. I live close to Thai Hotspot so we decided to head there. It has bad reviews online but I don’t really understand this. The food is good, it’s well priced and the service is friendly and efficient. I had Malaysia Noodles and if I was smart and took a picture it would have looked like this:


It was also good to have a sit down with Mubeen. We did our Master’s together and I lovingly refer to her as my ‘M.Ed. Bestie’. Now that she works at the same college as me I get to see her on a semi-regular basis and that makes me a happy gal 🙂

Overall it was a great day, not only weather wise but with the company as well. I feel like I accomplished my mission of getting everyone together and getting to know each other on a non-teaching related level. One thing we definitely all agreed on, we love our jobs! In what other field are you going to be able to get together on a random Wednesday and eat, drink and be merry around the pool?  We’re planning on doing it all again in July 🙂

Do you love your job? Your colleagues? Any uplifting work stories out there? I’d love to hear them.


19 thoughts on “Kick-Ass Colleagues and a Beautiful Day by the Pool

  1. Your pool party looks like a blast. What a good idea to get people together from work–it makes such a difference in how you feel going to work every day when you have good relationships with people there.

    • 100% agree. It can be very isolated at the college if you don’t reach out. My first year I didn’t have an office partner so I barely talked to anyone but luckily a bunch of friends and youngins got hired this year and it’s awesome.

  2. What’s a boulder?

  3. Your backyard is amaaaazing. And I didn’t know you had a Bolt!!!! I hope he doesn’t actually ‘bolt’ (except towards the ladies, it sounds like).

    Guacamole is one of my all-time favorite foods. I like it with just red onion, sea salt, spicy peppers and a little lime juice.

    Notice I’m talking about everything but my feelings towards my job.

    • I will have to try your guac variation the next time around. It seems simple, yet sexy.

      Yes I have a Bolt. I also have a Miyou. Not that that is a famous cartoon dog, but she’s pretty cute. Bolt definitely used to bolt but now he’s pretty good. He’s had a lot of training. I can’t ever see Uncle Jess straying…he was a one woman kind of man, so I feel like he would be a one woman kind of dog.

      I will take your silence on the topic of your job to mean that you really, really love it and don’t want to make me jealous. I’m usually pretty intuitive with these things…so I’m right, right? 😉

  4. I am a huge Trekkie! Next Generation and Voyager are my favourite series. I totally had a crush on Wesley Crusher when i was younger. Lame.

  5. Yeah, Chris Pine and cheap movie nights!!

    I definitely love my job and now I am getting to love my colleagues! Don’t get me wrong, I like my colleagues, but there is something amazing about being able to hang out outside of work and still have something to talk about.

    You really do host the best parties!! Thanks again for hosting and providing the perfect place to hang out without “shop talk”!!

    P.S. Your picture doesn’t do justice to your tiki hut! lol

    • No probs! So glad so many people could make it out. Yeah…I will have to take some targeted pictures of the straw wonder. The next time I have you girls over we will do a BBQ dinner after and make use of it 🙂

  6. Guac sounds great right now! I think I’m going to head back into my yard and lay by the pool after seeing how great it looks there!

    • Isn’t it wonderful to have one! I was just out there with a glass of wine and my husband…an amazing way to start the weekend.
      My friend left a bit of her guac here….that will definitely be our appetizer tonight 😉

      • In my house, if there is any remaining guac, it’s generally eaten before I can get at it the next day. I know exactly who eats it too. But of course he will say it wasn’t him. I’ve learned to just scarf it down before dinner is over lol

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