Blue Mountain Birthday Babes – Part 1

The birthday celebrations for Emilio may have been in full swing last weekend…but it didn’t mean we were done! We headed up to Blue Mountain in Collingwood this weekend for Emily’s b-day round 2 and my sister’s 23rd birthday celebration.

After an early morning swim, I packed up, picked up Melon and headed to Leons. We were on our way to our big weekend before 11 am. Even our new buddy was along for the ride:

New Friend

You may remember my grandma cuddling him.

We made some friends along the way who enjoyed the assortment of goodies we had in our car:

Boys in Cars

We also drove past a rather witty restaurant that had some personal relevance to us all, as Leon has called her hubby Davey Crockett for quite some time:

Crock Block

We arrived in Collingwood around 1:30 and were immediately amazed by the beautiful chalet that Emily had booked for us. Melon and I got a beautiful room all to ourselves:

Chalet Room

We also had a lovely view of the mountian from our room.I think in the winter it would have been a spectacularly beautiful.

Blue Mountain

While we waited for the other girls, we posed for a family photo in front of our roaring fire:


After Lindz and Sara arrived we headed out into the town for some lunch. I have never been to the Blue Mountain village before and it was so cute! It was also really busy because they were having the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race that day. There were lots of different teams dressed up in matching ensembles, which made for some great people watching.

Met Con Blue

Some of the participants were so hot in the blazing sun they decided to jump of the restaurant docks and go for a little impromptu swim:


We walked around and admired the views while trying to find a place to eat:

Downtown Blue MountainDSCN0281

Like I said, super cute village.

We finally settled on a little Irish Pub, MJ Barnes, for lunch and Lindsey decided to have a few drinks:


When we got to the restaurant there was only one patio table big enough for our posse and the table was absolutely rammed with empty glasses. For some reason it took our waitress about 20 minutes to clear our table… we took advantage of the time for some photo ops.

Girls at lunch

Lunch was definitely sub par, one of the meals was returned and the service was horrendous and when I looked the pub up online, I see that we are not the only group to receive the same treatment.

But oh well, the sun was shining and the company was spectacular so it wasn’t all bad news.

After lunch we headed to the hotel pool and hung out in the sunshine for a couple more hours, again, the views were just beautiful:

Spa CollingwoodIt reminded me a little of being in Banff. Obviously not quite as picturesque but for it being in Ontario, I was very impressed and can understand why everyone always raves about Collingwood.

After our spa date we headed back to the hotel room and had cozy, family dinner, Jersey Shore styles.

Family Dinner

The pasta salad that Leon brought was absolutely amazing. I’m pretty sure almost everyone ate too much of it and we were extremely full afterwards so we decided to save dessert for a little later. After dinner we relaxed for a bit and Julie tried to dethaw from the pumping AC Slater in her cape:


I also gave Melon the silly part of her birthday gift, a Ninja Turtle’s surprise bag. Contained within was a colouring book, markers, puzzle and balloon. These goodies came in VERY handy later on in the night. Emily liked.

Ninja Turtle

After we put on our big girl, party dresses, we decided to have a little beverage to say a festive happy birthday to Melon and Emily:


Since we had now digested, we also sang a  happy birthday to Melon with her really appropriate ‘birthday cake’:


At this point it was definitely time to head out for the second part of our adventure but I’ve decided that that is a whole ‘nother post. I’ll give you a little sneak peek though:


Stay tuned! And if you want to check out another take on the night, I’m sure this guy will have a good one.


5 thoughts on “Blue Mountain Birthday Babes – Part 1

  1. As your mother, I can’t wait to see what my 2 daughters did for the rest of the weekend. Big Mama be proud.

  2. I enjoy the pic of julie in the blanket. Blanket Jackson.

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