Melon’s Tantalizing 23rd

Yes, there are a lot of birthdays going down these days. As I mentioned yesterday, it was my sister’s b-day and obviously that needed to be celebrated.

To get a little healthy eating up in this blog, I started my morning off with this little gem:

Egg Omelette

I didn’t want to eat a lot because I knew the food consumption that evening was going to be spectacular.

Melon came over and we hung out a bit in the sunshiney weather for a while before my parents arrived around 5:30. As predicted, the food was dericious. That is not a typo. This is what we envision our dog Miyou thinking while she chows down her dinner in 9.7 seconds.

Thai Food

If you look to the left you can see that little pig. I know she was sniffing the air thinking, ‘dericious’.

It really was very, very good. We got it from Thai Hotspot, where I went with Mubeen and Alex last week. In fact, I think it is better than Azian, which is our usual standby. Sorry to rain on your parade Azian but it was cheaper, fresher and we had more leftovers when we were done.

We then got down to present opening because we wanted to delay the birthday cake serenading until Melon’s man arrived at our house.

Mel got some real gems, including a bacon card from my mother:

Bacon Card

Because she knows that Melon loves bacon:

Melon Bacon

My mom and dad also gave her some moolah and a gift certificate to her favourite boutique in Port Perry. I gave Melon the stupid part of her gift on the weekend, so tonight she received a very serious Kitchen Aid hand mixer, a book on the psyche of dogs (because she’s as much of a dog lover as me) and a BBQ lighter. She was the most excited about the lighter. Haha. She is afraid to use the mini lighters to light her candles so she was pretty excited about this easy to use version. I told her it was from the Dollar Store and I’m pretty sure I can afford to give her another one in the future.

GiftsAt this point Kyle arrived and gave Melon two gifts, one thoughtful and one hilarious. He gave her tickets to Medieval Times because she has never been; thoughtful. He also gave her this little beauty:

Ship for the Pool

Hilarious. It is an inflatable pirate ship for the pool. It has a gun on the front that collects water from the pool and shoots it out at all unsuspecting bathers. Kyle topped off the gift with a couple of swords. This was basically Melons dream.

Once we got finished singing Happy Birthday and Melissa did an attractive job of blowing out the candles on her Dairy Queen ice cream cake:

Birthday Candles

…..Mel decided it was time to test out her new water vehicle:

Melon in her ship

She is the most beautiful pirate I’ve ever seem.

Now on a final note and perhaps my favourite picture of the evening, we also celebrated Father’s Day with Melon’s b-day, as we have often done in the past. My parents were in Guelph this weekend and it just seemed like a good idea to do a combo. My dad removed his hat to be a gent during dinner and he revealed the most gorgeous tan pattern I’ve ever seen on a semi-bald head:

Bald Head

It looks like an arrow! We were all dying. The picture really did it justice too. I want to convince him to keep it up and perhaps make it even more prominent. What do you think? Is there another pattern you would prefer to see on my father? I’m sure he could do something in a diamond or a flower.

I love my little Melon and she loves moustaches, so this makes her a girl after my own heart. I’m glad I got to celebrate her b-day twice this week!


Do you have any siblings? Are you super close? I’d love to hear some sibling stories if you’re willing to share with the world.


6 thoughts on “Melon’s Tantalizing 23rd

  1. Well you know all of my Eric stories… My favourite is the teeth. Or maybe the time he dumped an entire bottle of Chanel No. 5 on the cat. But we ARE close! He has turned into an upstanding young gent.
    So glad Melon had a great Bday. I love the pirate raft and I LOVE BriBear’s arrow tanline! hahaha. BriBear and Bobby really need to hang out sometime.

    • 100% on the Bobby/Bri Bear combination. I think they would be best mates in about 2 seconds. They could talk about beer and music. Done. Perhaps we could get them matching tan lines!

  2. Whelp…for anyone out there who grows their hair on the sides…which is a much more positive description of being bald on the top of your head (like this is a choice of hair style and not genetics at work), just go to your local Beer Store and pick yourself up a case of Molson Canadian. A 24 comes with a complimentary hat which is probably just a big plot to get all these bald men wearing tan line arrows on their heads. It surely is a marketing scheme but why not make it a maple leaf?

  3. Holy stromboli (or rather, dericious Thai) – the bacon and real ‘stache pics and pirate floaty and dog books and head tans and oh it’s JUST ALL TOO MUCH GOODNESS! I think my head just exploded. I wonder if Miyou’s still hungry. …I’m sorry. That was gross.

    Sibling stories? Well. This one is still in progress: My brother finally requested my Facebook friendship today, after mysteriously unfriending me about a year ago. His re-friending is equally mysterious.

    I must get to the bottom of this.

    • Bahahaha. Gross is not really in my vocab. And yes, she would absolutely eat your exploded brains.
      Ummm…are you and your brother not close? Or what is the story there. Sounds quite interesting. Really, nothing beats family gossip.

  4. When I get a pool, I’m going to request that pirate ship floaty….several of them. So everyone in the pool can have battles.

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