Feeling the Love!

As I am in Calgary and will not be blogging extensively I thought I would quickly mention something that happened recently that I am so, so excited about!!!

I was recently nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Laura from http://readingforthemasses.wordpress.com/. I am so pumped about this, thank you!

I have only been blogging for a month or so, so this was really unexpected and certainly gave me the boost I needed to keep going. Not that I wanted to stop…..but last week wasn’t so great readership wise, so it was a little discouraging. This just pasted the smile right back on my face.


Source: https://fittoteach.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/9881d-funny-freaks-10.jpg

To be eligible for this award, I need to chat a little bit about myself and then nominate some more bloggers for this award.

Without further adieu, some random things…

1. Not that don’t already know but I love dogs. They are such a huge part of my life and can’t imagine my life without them. I also love people who love dogs. I think those who run rescue organizations are God’s special creatures.

2. I love to travel near and far. I’m starting to really enjoy exploring Ontario but I can’t wait for my next big trip out of the country. Hopefully Panama is next up on the list 🙂

3. I am scared to death of raising a teenager. I don’t have kids but I suspect one day I will and teenagers are terrible. From age 13-16 I basically feel like you have the spawn of Satan residing in your home.

4. One of my favourite things in life is meeting B List actors. Perhaps that will be a future post?

5. I also love mayors. Big city, small town. All kinds. As long as they’re old and male. Sign me up. (Definite future post!)

The people I am nominating for the One Lovely Blog Award are:

~ Lindsey from Happy or Hungry because she’s my girl, she makes me laugh and she’s my blogging inspiration

~ Melissa from The Tattoo Diaries because she’s my blood and because even though she’s a new kind on the blogging block, she making me laugh hard with her ridiculous posts and pics.

~Jules from Go Jules Go because she’s hilarious, she has amazing pictures with glasses and she’s been so, so helpful for someone I randomly just met on the internet. If I didn’t know better I would think she’s a gentlemen from overseas trying to get up in my grill.

I always enjoy reading all of these blogs, so check them out. Oh and have an AMAZING weekend!



3 thoughts on “Feeling the Love!

  1. Aww love, thanks for the nomination. I have done this particular one before, but I apprec. nonetheless. And I’m excited you were nominated for this!
    Don’t worry too much about traffic right now, just do your thing and it will follow. Mine was abysmal for a long time, and now some days are definitely better than others. It takes a while to build a solid readership. Don’t let it frustrate you or change your writing. When I write I just picture you girls reading it and if anyone else does, bonus. Really I just want a recap of our adventures that I can look back on one day from my retirement home bed and live vicariously through myself.

    Hope you are having the best time! It looks as though you are!!!! Thanks for the late night prank calls, my sloppy self loved it. And I cannot WAIT for you to start blogging about your western shenanigans. I will be living vicariously through YOU.

    • I love it – “Really I just want a recap of our adventures that I can look back on one day from my retirement home bed and live vicariously through myself.” Fantastic!!!

  2. Oh i know what you mean about teenagers! I can’t understand people who are afraid of having babies, all they do is eat, poo and cry! You don’t have to worry about them taking drugs or teen pregnancies etc.

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