Penny Got Knocked Up By Robbie the Creep!

It’s true – I’m knocked up. My name isn’t Penny, my husband isn’t Robbie, and he really isn’t a creep but I felt this was a fitting way to tell the inter webs that I have a bun in the oven.  I certainly thought it was appropriate for Facebook:

Pregnancy Announcement

As the announcement alludes to, this is from Dirty Dancing, which is hands down one of my favourite movies. Leon, Julie and I can recite it almost word for word. If you don’t at least know the line, ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner,’ you are pretty much dead to me.

Now, I’m 5 months along, which doesn’t excuse my absence from blogging but for some of you out there who found yourselves unexpectedly pregnant, you can maybe sympathize with the fact that I simply have not had the mental fortitude to be able to blog and work a full and part-time teaching job. Pregnancy brain is real my friends.

I’m starting to get my feet back on the ground and get back into the groove of work but the last 5 weeks have been rough. Some nights I would come home so exhausted that I barely made it through dinner before I went to bed. I also became a fan of afternoon naps. However, that seems to be behind me. AND I honestly miss blogging. I can’t say I’m back three or four times a week but I would love to write weekly and put something out on Mondays or Tuesdays. I think that is reasonable….right? Right? Blogging friends, let me know. I feel guilty for giving it up but I just didn’t have the motivation and I didn’t want to be putting out forced garbage. You can always tell when someone is blogging for the sake of blogging. There’s also the little fact that I wasn’t over the moon when I found out I was pregnant. In fact, I probably looked more like this:

Baha, that one gets me every time.

So yeah, I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t excited, I was actually kind of terrified and mad. Odd combination but that’s the best I can identify. The staff at the doctor’s office kept asking me how excited I was and I would respond that I wasn’t. In one case, the medical assistant made an awkward face, turned on her heel and left the room. I don’t think she was used to that attitude from an appropriately aged mother-to-be. Needless to say, for the summer, I didn’t really felt like turning my blog into a baby blog because I didn’t wanted to talk about it. I could pretend it wasn’t a part of my life but it was a BIG part of it. Your whole life changes and your stomach becomes the center of your universe. I knew from June 18th on (my sister’s b-day) that I was rocking a blastocyst and I tried to keep blogging like normal but once I came back from Calgary I didn’t have the heart to keep going and ignoring the game changer growing inside me.

But happy news…I am now very, very excited! One of my best friends and my now sister-in-law, Leon, is having a baby (soon!) and baby fever is kind of spreading in our group of friends.  Here is a picture of the two of us crowning at Emily’s engagement party:

This baby love has really helped. With the exception of our friend Lisa, who had a baby when we were in our early 20’s, no one in our ‘group’ of high school friends has a child. We are pretty content to be in our twosomes and do carefree couples things, usually involving alcohol. I was not looking forward to giving this up and I didn’t know how my friends were going to react. However, they have all been gents about it, which shouldn’t surprise me. We have always been supportive of each other and our adventures, whether it be getting a pair of glasses tattooed on our faces, or growing a fetus.

Finally, my blog was also about my attempts to get back to the gym and lighter living and I can’t say that being pregnant really inspires this. I can’t fit into any of my old pants or jeans. I sometimes struggle with the lung capacity needed to teach some of my classes, which clearly doesn’t equate to full-blown gym workouts. My feet are already starting to swell. Today I looked down to my feet pushing up over my sandals. This.has.never.happened. I do not have wide feet. In fact, I quite like my feet. But I have a feeling those days are over. For example I feel like I could be sporting a pair of these beauties:

Fear not, this is not me…but I feel like it could be.

Last but not least….I am hungry. I’ve always liked food but now I’m actually hungry on a frequent basis. This is a deadly combination. I wanted to include a picture of a really large pregnant woman to forecast my pregnancy future but when I typed it into Google images of Jessica Simpson kept coming up, so I will save you the visual. You get the idea.

The summation of all of these factors hopefully gives you an idea of why I simply stopped blogging. However, I think I’m ready to get back on the wagon. Obviously the focus is going to change a little bit because my focus is going to be changing a little bit but being able to blog about my life will prove to me that I’m still a human being. Not just a human being maker. 

So if you can forgive me, please keep reading. I promise to make it up to you with tales from faraway lands in the very near future.


Tales of the Tartan

As mentioned yesterday, my Friday was so filled with fun that I needed to break it into two posts. Warning: those of you here for fitness or food, this post has none of that. This is all about another kind of good time, so if you like to smile, stay with me!

After coming home and cleaning up a bit, it was time to continue reliving my youth with one of my oldest and best friends, Emilio. Here is a picture from a few years ago when we stole a wheelbarrow from Hope Depot.

I kid, but isn’t that what it looks like we’re doing?

Emily and her beau Cork came over around 8PM and we had a few pops before heading over the local watering hole, the Tartan Tavern –

Now, the Tartan and I do not have a great history. Back in the day when I was a younger lass, I was removed from the establishment for singing karaoke when it was not karaoke night. I was also removed on my 28th birthday because someone mistook me for another girl who was ‘reported falling all over the bar.’ This girl was a brunette. Not really sure what was going on there. However, now that we’ve moved, I live so close to the Tartan I thought, ‘Why not? I’m a 29 year old PROFESSOR, so things should be copacetic.’ I’m so happy to report that they were! When we got there we immediately met up with these two lovely ladies:



…..and Sherrie. Note: I did not have an appropriate picture of Sherrie from the evening, so I admit I stole this from her Facebook profile.

Something magical was happening at the Tartan that evening. Not only did I get to stay in the establishment the entire night but several individuals apparently popped some tags at Value Village before coming to the bar. We actually asked them if this was the case and they confirmed it. It was an instant connection. First, we saw these tight pantalons on a young gentleman:


And then there was this creature, truly a kindred spirit:


Yes, a leopard pose for a leopard vest. He was also wearing tiger pants and Emily and I felt it was necessary to pick him up to show these off.


After a little bit of socializing with our new friends, we also decided to do some justice to the dance floor. Mark likes to pick me up when we dance and I was very afraid I was going to be removed from the premises if he kept up with these shenanigans, so I felt it necessary to inform the bouncer that we were fully in control and that no one would be injured. He said he liked our moves, so I felt comfortable enough  to get my Patrick Swayze on. I got someone to take an impromptu pic to showcase our talent:

We practice our lifts in the water, so it always comes out just right.

This image was more or less for Leanne and Julie, so I hope you appreciate it girls 😉

Overall it really was a great day and night. Emily texted me the next day and said she was in such a great mood from the Friday we had just had and I have to agree, it really felt like I was 18 years young again…except I’m not. I can happily say I can go out to an establishment and not be targeted for removal and that I can have a really amazing time without doing anything that jeopardizes my professionalism. When I first started blogging, I worried about my students finding my writing and then I thought, I’m not doing anything that I wouldn’t want them to do. I’m not setting a poor example or being a bad role model. I’m young(ish), like to have fun and I think that makes me a better educator. I can relate to my students and I hope that they can relate to me too. It also makes me a happy person to be around most of the time. I’ve also realized through my recent friendships with my high school teachers that really, past a certain age or maturity level, we’re all the same. You grow up, but you don’t grow old. That is my life lesson for the day. On that note, Corey, Emily, Mark and I would like to say goodnight and have yourself a terrific Tuesday.


Am I a good group photographer or what?