Resisting Temptation

I have to say a big thank you to this blog because it is really helping me stay on track and resist big, bad, temptation in many forms. I wanted to outline a few of these successes to hopefully encourage myself and maybe some others to continue making good choices. The biggest temptation I have been encountering lately is not going to the gym. I really don’t like the gym; it is not my dream. However, it wasn’t always this way. It used to be a big part of my life. I went 6 times a week and I absolutely loved it. I have an addictive personality and this became my strange addiction…not to be confused with:


but I think a healthier addiction and one that was certainly good for my body. However, at the height of my gym love I had an altercation with my mother over me going to the gym versus working on our rental property and my love for the gym slowly died. Not only did I get out of my zone this summer but I’ve also associated copious amounts of gym time with selfishness and fighting with Brennie. Not a happy correlation. For the last year getting to the gym has been like pulling teeth. I finally signed up for a very cheap personal training package at the gym,  8 – half hour sessions and these have forced me to get there twice a week. However, these sessions are now gone and I was a little worried. Last week Mark and I made a date to go to the gym on Wednesday and I REALLY didn’t want to go. I was up early and in a curriculum mapping session all day and I felt like a zombie by 4PM but….I resisted the temptation to not go! This workout momentum then led to a wog (walk/jog) and weights on Thursday and me fitting in a 30-45 minute swim session on Friday and Saturday.

I also find that workout momentum leads you to make better food decisions. It really is a beautiful but sometimes viscous cycle because it works the other way as well. But so far it’s been a positive force for me. At work last week, someone shoved a box of these in my face at least three times and tried to force me to take one:


Temptation resisted! It was also the weekend which usually means that healthy eating goes right out the window but instead of frozen pizza or take out, Mark and I had healthy meals the entire weekend. Now, I will admit, after the Brooklin Fair, a Junior Chicken was consumed but I really didn’t feel bad about this. It could have been an entire Big Mac meal! It also didn’t start a tidal wave of crap eating like these ‘cheats’ can sometimes do. I knew I had worked out that day and eaten well so it was OK to have something not so healthy and Sunday we got right back on track.

I am now at my professional development retreat and you can bet there are lots of these:


and these:


and guess what? Temptation resisted! I did eat a piece of cheesecake last night but to be fair, I didn’t eat much of a main meal. They served roast beef, which I detest and the vegetarian counterpart was rather inedible. So along with a strawberry salad and some mashed potatoes I had cheesecake for dinner. But what can you do? The options here are a little limited. I just felt good because by 7PM last night I could have consumed 5 cookies and 3 scones and a piece of cheesecake and before, I probably would have.

So thanks to the blog process and to the people I know are reading it, you’re helping me resist temptation, one small step at a time 🙂